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Cthulhu Awakened in the Gulf

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(Melchizedek Communique, MC053010) A forgotten occurence from 1925 is
relevant to the ongoing drip-drip-drip of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Sydney Bulletin, an Australian newspaper, had reported on April
18, 1925 regarding a "Mystery Derelict Found At Sea." The Vigilant, a
freighter bound from Valparaiso, had been driven far south of her
course by heavy storms. There, she had spotted the derelict yacht,
Alert. Only one delirious survivor, one Gustaf Johansen, had been
found aboard the Alert.

Nursed back to health, Johansen told a most peculiar tale. He had been
second mate of the two-masted schooner Emma, having Auckland as its
home port. The Emma had sailed on February 20th, with a crew of
eleven, but had been blown off course by the same heavy storms which
also affected the Vigilant. The Emma had encountered the Alert, manned
by a hostile crew. A fierce sea battle ensued, the Emma was sunk, but
her crew boarded the Alert and battled its crew in ferocious to-the-
death combat.

Johansen's seamates were victorious, but only eight of them remained
alive. The entire "evil-looking crew" of the Alert lay dead. Johansen
now was in charge, since the Captain and first mate of the now-sunken
Emma had died in the fierce battle.

Details are sketchy, but it seems an uncharted island was discovered
nearby and Johansen and his men landed to explore the unknown
territory. And it is here that the forgotten occurrence from 1925
relates to the current drip-drip-drip of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

After much digging, and subsequent to the Australian newspaper
account, it was learned that the mysterious, uncharted island had been
conjured up from the depths by some sort of Cthulhu cult -- with
disastrous consequences!

"That is not dead, which merely sleeping lies." Thankfully, the
conjured island slowly sank back into the sea after the conjuring
powers were weakened, and especially after Johansen had managed to ram
the "island" with the Alert, going full-throttle in reverse. [1]

Foolish interlopers had awakened Cthulhu from a sleep of vigintillions
of years. And now, as of April 2010, the same situation seems to have
occurred. Not only this, but as in the case of the resurrected
"island," the true facts are hidden from the public. President Obama
has been briefed on the circumstances, but even he does not have a
high enough security clearance to be given all the details. In the
Gulf of Mexico, a tight security zone is enforced at the perimeter of
the "oil spill." Not much is truly known, except for the cover story
involving an "oil rig explosion." In fact, at least one other "oil
leak" is being whispered about: Matt Simmons, an energy adviser, has
reportedly stated there is "another leak, much bigger, 5 to 6 miles
away" from the purported "live video" feed site. [2]

And now, How do you put the Genie back in the bottle? Many roads lead
into the Twilight Zone, the problem is to find a way out! Second mate
Johansen had had to ram his ship into the unholy blob. One Navy
admiral now wants to sink a battleship onto the erupting wormhole in
the Gulf. And if that fails, what then? Will it be time to nuke the

------- Notes -------
[1] "The Call of Cthulhu", by H.P. Lovecraft
[2] "Prominent Oil Industry Insider: 'There’s Another Leak, Much
Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away'", Washington’s Blog, May 28, 2010


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