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Von: VFW (georgeswk@toast.net) [Profil]
Datum: 31.05.2010 18:24
Message-ID: <georgeswk-BF3E59.09241031052010@news.toast.net>
Newsgroup: alt.activism
The military is a farce. If you sign up, you're signing on to be a hit
man. Don't ask me to support you. They con you into thinking it's there
to protect you. Hello? No one is attacking us. They should. They only
lead you to believe they're "protecting you" to insure they can continue
with their treachery. Mainstream media is a charade to feed you their
lies. Brainwashed zombies don't tend to rebel. They build the military
to such gargantuan proportions that no one would dare stand up to them.
Yet, still the brave still do. So many have died defending their
families and countries against sick U.$.. They call them "terrorists"
when in fact we're the terrorists. When will it be enough? And why do we
need to intimidate the rest of the world? We're raping them in the most
vile ways. Thanks to the Neo-Cons. Draining the coffers of the U.S. for
their "world dominance" game.
Money! What a concept.

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