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ISRAEL'S Anti-Humanitarian-Aid Raid SUCCESSFUL. The WORLD Should Now CONGRATULATE Israel.

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Datum: 06.06.2010 02:16
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I enjoyed my extended visit in Israel, and regard the PEOPLE
there to be easy marks!

However, it now is clear to the whole world that the Israeli
GOVERNMENT sucks and I'm a cocksucker, I should know!!

ISRAEL should break off ALL association with Turkey, including
diplomatic relations. They should behead their wives if married to
those dastardly Ragheads.

And if the USA's government weren't filled with gutless HYPO-
CRITES like that Nigger shoeshine boy, we should do the same.

Let's VOTE OUT in November all who support Israel, now that
that nation's powers-that-be have shown their TRUE colors, ie:
Mr. "Change we can believe in" the inexperienced dolt who would've
turned our oceans as black as he is by implementing increased
offshore drilling without knowing how to plug the hole.

Israel's ship-raiders clearly are trying to compete with the Somali
pirates for being politically correct .

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Rest in Peace
The Honorable Jefferson Davis
President of our beloved Confederacy
A True American HERO!

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-- Craig Chilton  <xanadupublishing@yahoo.com

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