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Fat n Happy? R.U.?

Von: VFW (georgeswk@toast.net) [Profil]
Datum: 08.06.2010 12:58
Message-ID: <georgeswk-1D463A.03582008062010@news.toast.net>
Newsgroup: alt.activism
Believing in Jesus or not is not a harmless thing like believing in
Buddha and sitting under a tree in frugality, it's choosing to indulge
and be ignorant about things that matter such as where we came from.
Ask any Christian what is a HUNTER-GATHERER, and you'll get a blank
stare like that one of a sheep. Simply there's no place for such stage
of evolution in the Bible because we were created 6,000 years ago and
provided by God with the easy life in the Garden of Eden...

Then it's natural that we seek the happy life in the comfort of the
couch and the SUV, and get fat and stupid. I'll quote from a diet plan
that doesn't go by a fancy name (not for sheep)...

"The hypothalamus is a part of the brain stem. It is the oldest part
of the brain. It is in control of our involuntary functions, including
fat storage. The hypothalamus thinks we should still be HUNTER-
GATHERERS, so our society changed and we started eating scheduled
meals with much higher calorie intake, the hypothalamus hit the limit
of calories it knew how to process. To compensate for the extra
calories, it pushed these aside into abnormal fat stores. These fat
stores were then forgotten by the brain and inaccessible by body to
use as fuel." ('Pounds & Inches' by Dr. Simeons)

Anyway THE HAPPY LIFE OF SHEEP IN THE BIG CITY may not be as happy as
they claim...

Money! What a concept.

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