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Hamas Working on "Crutch-a-pult"

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Hamas has been working on a ‘crutch-a-pult’, Jon Stewart jokes
By David Edwards
Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 -- 11:13 am

Israel insists that commandos had to intercept aid ships headed for Gaza
because they could have been supplying weapons to Hamas. At least nine
activists were killed in the raid. Israel said that they were forced to
use live rounds because activists attacked them first.

"The activists said they never attacked the soldiers, they thought
Israel was welcoming them with commando shaped pinatas," Comedy
Central's Jon Stewart joked Wednesday.

Supplies like wheelchairs and hospital beds were found aboard aid
vessels. Stewart joked that Hamas may be trying to build a "crutch-a-pult."

"By the way, the crutch-a-pult [is] perhaps the most humane weapon to be
hit with. It fires crutches so even if it hurts you have something to
help you get away," said Stewart.

Reports of the raid and resulting deaths were met with condemnation of
Israel around the world, although the Obama administration, and most US
Democrats have backed Israel's right to defend itself. Protests and flag
burnings took place in several countries. In one video, a protester can
be seen smacking an Israel flag with two shoes while simultaneously
spitting on it.
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"They hit him with the double shoe and loogie combo. High degree of
difficulty but you know the judges eat that shit up," snarked Stewart.

"Wow. Flag burnings, violent protests or as it's known in that part of
the world: Tuesday," he remarked.

In the U.S., pundits seem to be staunchly supporting or opposing
Israel's actions. "We discuss it purely in black and white terms," noted

International law expert Professor Ruth Wedgwood was clearly on the side
of Israel when she told MSNBC, "I think as a matter of law the Israelis
did have a right to board the ships."

Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza movement saw it another way. "What right
does Israel have to do this in international waters?" she asked on CNN

"Hamas is a terrorist organization," MSNBC host Elliot Spitzer Flatly
stated Tuesday.

But Salon.com's Glenn Greenwald seemed to disagree. "Hamas is a
democratically elected leadership of the people in Gaza," he said.

"Great hate! Less killing!" Stewart said, recalling the famous beer

One comment in particular by Charles Krauthammer outraged the Comedy
Central host. "It may be the stupidest f**king thing anyone ever said,"
Stewart noted.

"What exactly was the humanitarian crisis the flotilla was addressing?
There is none. There's no one starving in Gaza," Krauthammer flatly
stated on Fox News' Special Report Monday.

"In fact, I believe there's a Sandals resort there," quipped a sarcastic

"You know, whatever you may think of the respective leaderships Israelis
or Hamas, whatever gods you pray to or whatever direction you may pray
to them in, if you can't even look at Gaza and agree there's suffering
there that needs to be alleviated, no matter who's to blame for it, then
your heart is so dead tourists flock there to float on their backs in
it," Stewart concluded.

This video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast June 1, 2010.

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