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Mystery of "Vox in Rama"

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(Melchizedek Communique, MC060610) Did Pope Gregory IX (image shown)
issue a Papal Bull, "Vox in Rama", in 1233, which condemned Satanic
meetings in Germany? Rumors float that "Vox in Rama" led to a severe
depopulation of cats, in consequence increasing the rat population,
and from there eventually caused the "Black Death" of 1348 - 1350.

The "Catholic Answers" forum claims "Vox in Rama" is a fabrication,
traced to a book published in 1972, Witchcraft in the Middle Ages. [1]

A cursory check by Melchizedek Communique is unable to find any actual
copy of the purported "Vox in Rama" ("A Voice in Ramah"). It is
mentioned in a Wikipedia entry, "List of Papal Bulls." However
Wikipedia gives as its source for the existence of "Vox in Rama" the
aforementioned doubted book, Witchcraft in the Middle Ages. [2]

Research by Melchizedek Communique, however, traces a source on "Vox
in Rama" much earlier than 1972. In Malcolm Lambert's book, The
Cathars, he devotes a page to "Vox in Rama" and cites:

Vox in Rama, ed. K. Rodenberg, MGH, Epistolae saeculi XIII, I (Berlin
1883), no. 537, pp. 423-5

Pope Gregory IX allegedly described, in "Vox in Rama", Satanic
practices. The initiate, he claimed, first made acquaintance with a
monstrous toad. Then, an ice-cold pale man would appear, followed by a
black cat whose hind end was kissed by all present. At last, the
lights were extinguished and a wild orgy occurred. [3]

Some also make an erroneous connection between the Cathars, a "heresy"
of those times, and cats in general.

Has "Vox in Rama" been "scrubbed clean" from Vatican history, as an
embarrassment? Or is it in fact a huge hoax? Who can you ask? Who can
you believe??

The "Black Death" was probably carried by fleas residing on the black
rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships. [4] Was there a
shortage of cats at the time? Did that allow the rats to multiply
exponentially? Did "Vox in Rama" inadvertantly lead to the "Black
Death"? Melchizedek Communique considers these questions to be

------- Notes -------
[1] "Papal bull caused the black plague?"
[2] "List of Papal Bulls", Wikipedia, June 6, 2010
[3] The Cathars, by Malcolm Lambert. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing,
[4] "Black Death", Wikipedia, June 6, 2010


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