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DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the U.S.
defense department's R & D arm. It was founded in 1958 to help the
country compete in the space race after the Soviet Union launched
Sputnik, but its mission changed a year later when most of its space
operations were spun off to form NASA. The agency didn't drop all the
rocket stuff, though. It worked on ballistic missile defense and created
the Vela program, which used satellites to verify that the Soviet Union
was adhering to the 1963 nuclear test ban treaty. DARPA branched out
into weapons development during the Vietnam war and since then has
gotten into a wide range of military and general scientific projects.

DARPA is known for its commitment to unorthodoxy  no concept is too far
out. It doesn't run big labs but rather farms out projects to
universities and private corporations. With its decentralized approach,
minimal management structure, and willingness to hire just about anybody
with a good idea, it's has been described as "100 geniuses connected by
a travel agent."

And they've definitely pushed the tech envelope. The most famous DARPA
brainchild is almost certainly an early computer network called ARPANET,
created to facilitate collaboration among industry and university
researchers. That was the beginning of the Internet. DARPA-funded
researchers anticipated Google Street View by 28 years with their Aspen
Movie Map, a 3-D walkthrough of Aspen, Colorado. Other DARPA research
explores unintended uses for existing technology. Last year the agency
examined social networking as a high-speed information conduit with its
Network Challenge, in which contestants were encouraged to use sites
such as Facebook and Twitter to locate ten giant red balloons tethered
around the U.S. Displaying the instinct for simplicity that marks true
genius, the winners, a team from MIT, completed the challenge in less
than nine hours by offering cash bounties for balloon info.

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Money! What a concept.

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