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How (Not) to Identify Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation

Von: Dan Clore (clore@columbia-center.org) [Profil]
Datum: 01.06.2010 00:58
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The old Bush admin page "How to Identify Misinformation" is archived here:


The Obama admin has published a revived, revamped version, retitled "How
to Identify Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation", here:


I commented on the earlier version:

The Bush administration set up this guide, purportedly in order to help
readers identify misinformation. By some strange coincidence, almost all
of the examples of "misinformation" involve claims of US government
involvement in crimes, and all of the "sources of misinformation" that
are identified are highly critical of the Bush administration (no FOX
News listed here!). In addition, the site's counterclaims are often
themselves inaccurate or misleading. For instance, the site claims that
the US military never uses chemical weapons, though the use of white
phosphorous is well-established, including government admissions. Again,
they point out that depleted uranium poses little danger from
radicactivity, but do not mention its high chemical toxicity. Good for a

My comments still stand.

This is not a good thing -- it simply highlights how little better the
Obama admin is than the Bush admin.

Dan Clore

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