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IS AN NDE PROOF OF AN AFTERLIFE?Heike Hoffmann09.06.10
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9/11 Was An Insect Job!Anthrax Mailer06.06.10
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BP on Twitter -- LOL!Anthrax Mailer06.06.10
Christopher Hitchens, the high priest of error.omprem06.06.10
Trust....A much misunderstood word.bigfletch8@gmail.com05.06.10
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Atheist states - the Historical Realityfasgnadh05.06.10
OT : Poll -- Type 1 DiabetesPro-Humanist FREE...04.06.10
Naked hippie photographAnthrax Mailer04.06.10
Teacher fucking young boysAnthrax Mailer04.06.10
More on humans and chimps.bigfletch8@gmail.com03.06.10
Orrin Hatch on L. Ron Hubbard's liesAnthrax Mailer03.06.10
Yes, Adolf Hitler was a ChristianAnthrax Mailer02.06.10
Susan Blackmore / Near Death Experiences, Alien...Fredric L. Rice02.06.10
Apes? Of course we are apes (biologically speak...bigfletch8@gmail.com02.06.10
Susan Blackmore / Near Death Experiences, Alien...Fredric L. Rice02.06.10
How far are we going to take the re cycling thing?bigfletch8@gmail.com01.06.10
Interesting poetic justice based on karma and r...bigfletch8@gmail.com01.06.10
ATHEISM VS DEISMHeike Hoffmann31.05.10
One of the best comedies Ive seen for ages...se...bigfletch8@gmail.com31.05.10
SATAN APPEARS IN 911 VIDEOHeike Hoffmann31.05.10
A documentary that deserves to be seen by every...bigfletch8@gmail.com29.05.10
More on the FDA. This is absoultely an insult t...bigfletch8@gmail.com29.05.10
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Is Monsanto , the new evil ?bigfletch8@gmail.com29.05.10
Some Religious StupiditySaturday Night Cl...28.05.10
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Self discipline. A common term but what does is...bigfletch8@gmail.com26.05.10
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Winning an argument with atheists in alt.atheism..fasgnadh25.05.10
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Fortune-telling: Opposing theoriesMonsieur Turtoni24.05.10
If you discovered that reincarnation was true.....bigfletch8@gmail.com24.05.10
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The Choir - 'Truth is that which Uplifts"Morton Lucifer22.05.10