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Latest European figures show 3.2% increase in animal experiments

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Datum: 14.01.2008 21:47
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Latest figures show Animal Testing is up overall by 3.2% to 12.1
million in 2005. This is despite European Commission and member
state's individual promises to reduce and replace the use of animals
in experiments.

Some details for 2005:-
Dogs 22,000
Cats 3,600
Primates 10,394
Mice 6 million 53%
Rats 2.2 million 19%
Birds 650,000 5.4%
Rabbits 300,000 2.6%
Cold Blooded Animals 1.8 million 15%
Guinea Pigs 240,000 2.1%

The European Commission is currently reviewing Directive 86/609/EEC,
which sets out the rules for animal experimentation across the whole
of Europe. Now political pressure is needed to encourage EU
legislators to do everything they can to maximise non-animal
replacement efforts.

Contact your MEPs and urge them to increase funding for Alternative
Research as part of the revision process of Directive 86/609/EEC.

For contact details of your MEPs visit

It is in all our interest that Animal Testing is replaced with
Alternatives based on Human Biology not Animals.

For evidence that superior Alternative Research & Testing is replacing
Animal Testing visit

For more on the new EU animal experimental statistics visit

For more on the Revision of Directive 86/609/EEC

Everyone can help and you can make a difference.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about the revision of
Directive 86/609/EEC.

Thank You


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