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All UK Citizens can help ban snares in Scotland

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Datum: 25.02.2008 11:17
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All UK Citizens in alt.animals

The UK is one of only five European members that still allow animal
snares to be used. Ireland, France, Spain and Belgium have far
stricter snare rules compared to the UK. Almost 70 per cent of animals
caught in snares are not the intended targets.

All snares are indiscriminate, inherently cruel and injure and kill a
wide range of animals, including domestic pets, livestock and
endangered species.

Specific problems with snares in Britain include the following:
- Illegal 'self-locking' snares are still widely used in Britain,
resulting in many animals, including badgers, being strangled to
- Legal 'free running' snares are also inflicting severe suffering on
badgers and other animals.
-Current legislation does not provide a legal definition of a self-
locking snare, resulting in disagreement over the legality of a number
of snares currently being manufactured and used in Britain.
- Snares are not always checked daily, as required by the legislation,
causing extreme suffering to trapped animals.
-The use of snares is largely unregulated in Britain and voluntary
codes of practice are not always adhered to.

The Scottish Government is currently deciding whether or not to ban
snares and the strength of public opinion will play an important part
in the decision process.

All Scottish residents to make your protest against Snares visit

Everyone, support the campaign to ban snares in Scotland at

Please tell all your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Everyone can help and you can make a difference.

Thank You

Tony, Nottingham, England

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