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Additives to food tested on animals has risen 300% in the UK

Von: TONY-GAL (from_tpg@hotmail.co.uk) [Profil]
Datum: 01.04.2008 21:46
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The trend for healthier eating has led to an increase of more than
300% in the number of laboratory experiments conducted on animals for
food additives, sweeteners and health supplements in 2006 compared to
2005. In fact, food products are being tested on animals even though
they are already being used by consumers.

These tests, when they involve natural ingredients such as raspberry
juice and cabbage, cannot be for safety purposes. Health benefits of
such foodstuffs are well known and any further information that might
be obtained can be easily researched from human volunteers if this was
deemed necessary.

Please ask your MP to sign "Early Day Motion (EDM) 4" , which calls on
the Government to stop granting licences for experiments for additives
and other foodstuffs.

To do this you can visit http://www.vote4animals.org.uk/edm4.htm

Thank You

Tonyg, London, England

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