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Another example of Gordon Ramsay's animal cruelty

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The latest example of foul-mouthed bully and British celebrity chef
Gordon Ramsay's cruelty to animals
- Paul Rance/booksmusicfilmstv.com

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GORDON Ramsay has been labelled repugnant after revealing that his
eight-year-old son inadvertently pulled off a live rabbit's head
during a hunting expedition.

The former Rangers trainee said he took eight-year-old Jack on a hunt
for rabbits.

"Jack was out ferreting with me three weeks ago.

"We couldn't get this bloody ferret out so I dug this hole and I stuck
Jack down there.

"He got his hand on the rabbit, and you know you have to pull it to
break the neck? He pulled it and pulled the f***ing head off.

"I said: 'Jack, you're meant to break its neck, not rip its head off'.

"Then we took it home and ate it. Jack was dying to eat the kidneys."

Ramsay also spoke of his dismay after his wife Tana suggested giving
their four children a vegetarian meal once a week and hoped they would
remain meat-eaters in future.

"If one of my daughter's boyfriends turns out to be vegetarian I swear
to God I'd never forgive them. If I ever have a son-in-law that's a
vegetarian I'd rather run around Ibrox, stark bollock naked."

A spokeswoman for Advocates for Animals described his behaviour as
"completely gross". She said: "This type of cruel behaviour sends out
a very worrying message to young people.

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