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FS: 1978-1981 "Animals Of The World" Collector Cards

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Datum: 02.06.2008 12:34
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1978-1981 "Animals Of The World" Collector Cards

I have for sale the following Leasure Books 1978 / Madison Marketing 1981:
"Animals Of The World" Collector Cards (Canadian Issue). Each [un-numbered]
rounded-cornered] card measures 4"x5" with a dark brown border, with a front
that includes a full-colour photo of the animal and a back that includes:
Characteristics, Phylum, Class, Order and Family, with a biography of  each
Each card is in MINT condition (listed alphabetically).
Price $1.00 US (each) plus postage

Aardwolf, Addax, Adder, African Black Rhinoceros, African Elephant, Agama,
Agouti, Alpine Newt, American Bison, Amphisbaena, Angwantibo, Anoa, Artic
Fox, Argali, Avocet, Axolotl, Babirusa, Barbary Ape, barn Owl, Basilisk,
Beaked Whale, Bean Goose, Bittern, Black Bear, Black Rat, Bongo, Boomslang,
Booted Eagle, Brown-Headed Cowbird, Bulbul, Bushbuck, Camel, Caracara,
Chameleon, Chamois, Chimpanzee, Chif Chaf Warbler, Chinchilla, Chipmunk,
Civet, Cockatoo, Coendou or Tree Porcupine, Collared Anteater, Common
Hampster, Common Jacana, Common Salamander (European), Common Scoter, Common
Snipe, Common Tern, Coppersmith (Barbet), Cotinga, Coyote, Crested Tinamou,
Crimson or Satyr Tragopan, Crocodile, Crocodile Bird, Crossbill, Cuckoo,
Darwin's Finch, Desert Horned Asp, Dingo, Dolphin, Drill, Dromedary,
Duck-Billed Platypus, Elf Owl, Egret, Eland, European Common Bee-Eater,
European Common Crane, European Hedgehog, European Porcupine, Fallow Deer,
Fennec, Flying Fox, Gaur, Gavil or Gharial, Gelada, Genet, Giant Tortoise,
Gliding Frog, Gnu, Golden Oriole, Gopher or Ground Squirrel, Gorilla,
Goshawk, Grant's Gazelle, Grass Snake (European), Gray Duiker, Gray
Partridge, Gray Seal, Grebe, Green Lizard, Green Monkey, Grizzly Bear, Guan,
Guanaco, Guenon (also Blue or White-Throated Monkey), Guinea Pig, Harpy
Eagle, Hartebeest, Harvest Mouse (European), Honey Badger, Horned Toad,
House Mouse, House Sparrow or Sparrow, Howler or Howling Monkey, Hylochere,
Ibex, Indian Cobra, Indian Elephant, Indian Green Whipsnake, Indian
Rhinoseros, Indri, Jacamar, Japanese Macaque, Jewelled lacerta, Jirds,
Jumping Hare, Kangaroo, Kangaroo Rat, Kea, Kinglet, Kite, Kit Fox, Kiwi,
Koala, Kookaburra, Lammergeiier, Langur, Lapwing, Lark, Linnet, Llama,
Long-Eared Bat, Long-Eared Owl, Loon, Loris, Lovebird, Lynx, Macaroni
Penguin, Magnificent Bird Of Paradise, Magpie, Manakin, Mara, Marine or
Giant Toad, Markhor, Marmoset, Matamata, Meerkat, Midwife Toad, Moloch,
Monitor Lizard, Monk Seal, Moor Hen or Gallinule, Moose, Muskrat, Mynah,
Orangutan, Oryx, Ouakari, Ourebi, Parakeet, Parrot, Pelican, Pere David's
deer, Phalarope, Pharaoh's Chicken, Pika, Pilot Whale, Pleurodele, Porpoise,
Ptarmigan, Pygmy Phalanger, Raccoon or Coon, Redbreasted or European Robin,
Red-Chested Pochard, Red Deer, Red Fox, Red-Tailed Hawk, Red-Winged
Blackbird, Reindeer, Ring-Necked Pheasant, Ringtail Cat, Robin, Rock Pipit,
Roe Deer, Roller, Ruff, Sandhill Crane, Secretary Bird, Serotine, Serval,
Sheathbill, Shoe-Bill, Short-Toed Eagle, Short-Toed Tree Creeper, Stilt,
Skink, Skua, Snowy Owl, Spadefoot Toad, Spectacled Bear, Spiny Rat,
Soft-Shelled Turtle, Storm Petrel (Stormy Petrel), Summer Teal or Garganey
Teal, Sun Bear, Sun Bittern, Surinam Toad, Tahr, Tanager, Tarsier, Tasmanian
Wolf or Thylacine, Tawny Owl, Three-Toed Sloth, Tiger, Toucan, Tuatara,
Turtle Dove, Two-Towed Sloth, Wallaby, Walrus, Waterbuck, Water Chevrotain,
Water Rail, Weasel, Wild Boar,  Wild Swan, Winter Wren, Wolly Monkey,
Wryneck, Yak, Zebra.

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