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Can't a frog/toad regrow limbs?

Von: majcm (meme@insightbb.com) [Profil]
Datum: 05.08.2008 05:57
Message-ID: <4qmdneumq_wuUgrVnZ2dnUVZ_gadnZ2d@insightbb.com>
Newsgroup: alt.animals
This may sound weird, but I'm a super animal lover (although frogs/toads are
not a preferred pet)but I just went outside to get my cat in and stepped on
a very small toad, I think it was. The motion light hadn't come on yet. I
had tennis shoes on and can't believe it was alive afterwards. I don't even
know how it got in my driveway. No water sources around here. Anyway it was
alive and only seemed like its front leg was broken. I sat out there &
pushed it around some & It could hop but only use one front leg. I FEEL
HORRIBLE!!!!! Can a toad live like that? I know I remember from school
amphibians can regrow limbs. If it is just broken, will it grow a new one? I
feel like, shit, I won't even kill a spider & I have to go STEP on a baby
toad??? Can someone here tell me? Thanks


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