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Pigs who are shot and burned by the U.S. Army for medical trainings

Von: Rieni Otten (ottenzelf@slowthincable.fr) [Profil]
Datum: 18.09.2008 10:31
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Dear usenetter,

As I write to you, countless dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, and other
animals are suffering in outdated and unnecessary animal tests. This
year alone, more than 100 million individual animals in North America
will be killed in these cruel tests.

Since our founding nearly 30 years ago, PETA has made groundbreaking
progress in our fight to stop all animal tests. With your help today,
we can accomplish twice as much for those suffering behind the closed
doors of laboratories. Thanks to a group of generous PETA donors,
online donations received through our special "Stop Animal Testing"
Challenge over the next month, up to a maximum of $250,000, will be
matched dollar for dollar!

People of conscience have always opposed needless and cruel
experiments on animals, but thanks to PETA's hard work and the
dedication of our supporters, animal testing has been laid bare as
junk science—of no benefit to anyone except the profiteers who make
money from it.

When you give during the "Stop Animal Testing" Challenge, your
donation will be worth twice as much to PETA and the animals we are
working tirelessly to save.

By donating today to have your gift and impact doubled, you will help
answer the cries of the millions of individual animals killed in North
American laboratories every year, including the following animals:

Dogs who are poisoned by toxic pesticides.
Mice who are put in water chambers and forced to swim until they drown
from exhaustion.
Rabbits who have chemicals poured into their eyes.
Pigs who are shot and burned by the U.S. Army for medical trainings.
Monkeys who have metal screws drilled into their skulls.
These experiments are not only cruel but also unreliable, dangerous,
and bad science. We know that non-animal tests are less expensive and
that they are better at protecting human health. The U.S. government's
own scientific advisory board, the National Academy of Sciences, has
concluded that many animal tests are useless and should largely be
replaced by superior non-animal test methods. But even with that
recommendation, animal testing continues, and animals whose minds and
bodies are being shattered in laboratories desperately need our help.

PETA—and supporters like you—are often the only hope for these
helpless animals. Our undercover investigations into vivisection
facilities have exposed their horrors for public scrutiny. Our
negotiations with corporations like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have spurred
them to adopt cruelty-free policies and practices and compelled
hundreds of others to give up animal testing forever. Our
whistleblower program and our shareholder activism are also helping to
hold corporate animal abusers accountable and save animals' lives.

But as long as any company, university, or government blinds, poisons,
maims, tortures, and kills animals, our job isn't done. We urgently
need your support to keep this fight going strong.

Please make a generous gift during this special online challenge today
to help us permanently end the senseless abuse of animals in

With your immediate help, we can save animals from cruel and painful
deaths in laboratories.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. There is no justification for another dog, cat, rabbit, monkey,
pig, or other animal to suffer and die for pointless chemical,
cosmetics, pesticide, or food-additive tests. With your help, PETA has
the power to end these experiments. Please help us double our
resources during this special "Stop Animal Testing" Challenge by
making a generous gift today!


Since the USA still is the most influencing country in the world I
just did a donation. If and when they will ban animal testing, the
rest of the world will follow, I believe.

Rieni Otten

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