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Cat safety on Halloween

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Cat safety on Halloween

Cats should not be let out on Halloween for their own safety

Both indoor and outdoor cats can be at risk at Halloween. The following
may only serve as a reminder to the prudent cat fancier, but the well-
being of your loved one may depend on it.


Please don't forget that even a small amount of chocolate can be lethal
to a cat. It contains caffeine and theobromine, two stimulants that
affect the heart and the central nervous system. Ensure chocolate is
not left out where kitty can reach it. Watch for empty wrappers as
well, as they make great toys but can be a chocking hazard to your cat.

If you are expecting Halloween ghosts and goblins to darken your
doorstep, it is important that your cat be in a secure room until the
trick-or-treating ends for the night.

Even shy or well-behaved cats may just think the commotion is too much
and bolt for the door.

Be especially careful with candlelit pumpkins: they are a curiosity to
cats but could pose a threat of burns or present a fire hazard for your

Dressing up your cat is a bad idea but, if you insist, make sure the
costume is secure and that eyes and airways remain unobstructed.


Cats that go outside should not be let out at all on Halloween day.
There is too much commotion and noise going on to confuse even laid-
back cats and send them far enough away from your front door to not
make their way back. Please, please, do not let your cat outside on
Halloween, no matter how much he/she pesters you.


Black cats should not be let out for a "grace period" both before and
after Halloween (a week or more). Black cats may be taken for childish
pranks or much, much worse by the less stable of our society.

Please remember that Halloween makes them especially vulnerable purely
by virtue of their colouring. Don't let your black cat's outdoor
sojourns put them in harm's way.

The Meow Foundation is a no-kill cat rescue charity operating in the
Calgary area. Meow has helped thousands of homeless cats since 2000.


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