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Of Animal Bondage

Von: Dave U. Random (anonymous@anonymitaet-im-inter.net) [Profil]
Datum: 05.01.2010 17:20
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"THE WAUCHULA WOODS ACCORD - Toward a New Understanding of
Animals" by Charles Siebert (Amazon.com:
http://xrl.us/WWoods )

Washington Post

Last February, a 14-year-old pet chimpanzee named Travis --
a former actor in Coca-Cola and Old Navy commercials who
used a computer, drank wine from a long-stemmed glass and
had no previous history of violence -- was shot dead by
police after he escaped from his owner's Stamford, Conn.,
house and nearly killed a woman he had known for years. In
a New York Times op-ed article about the incident,
journalist Charles Siebert observed that, like humans,
chimps have "minds enough to lose and memories that can
hasten the process."

Now, in "The Wauchula Woods Accord," Siebert provides a
book-length exploration of the role humans play in
inflicting mental disorders on intelligent animal species,
particularly great apes...

Continued: http://xrl.us/WauchulaW

Chapter 1: http://xrl.us/WWchap1

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