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Review: "Second Nature - The Inner Lives of Animals"

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Datum: 29.05.2010 17:37
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(Guardian.co.uk) - Every year about 10 people are killed by sharks,
and each death is lavishly reported on bulletins and front pages.
And, every year, up to 73 million sharks are slaughtered by humans,
but hardly anyone notices  apart from the sharks, of course.

This isn't the only uncomfortable statistic in Jonathan Balcombe's
"Second Nature" (Amazon: http://xrl.us/SecondNature ). Fifty
billion land animals are killed each year to provide us with food,
and probably the same number of fish; 100 million mice, rats,
rabbits, monkeys, cats, dogs and birds are used and destroyed
annually in American laboratories; 50 million animals are killed
for fur. Against these unimaginably vast numbers, pleads Balcombe,
we have to remember one simple fact: each of these animals was a
sentient being. "Second Nature" describes how animals experience
the world as sensitively and intensely as humans, if not more so...

Continued: http://xrl.us/SecondNature2

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