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Canine is shedding his pastOtis Willie PIO T...27.05.10
Courageous creatures recognised with VC awardsOtis Willie PIO T...17.05.10
State ends dog visits at veterans homeOtis Willie PIO T...17.05.10
Cornhole to help local police dogs-- Bosco, Tin...Otis Willie PIO T...10.05.10
Veteran military working dog rememberedOtis Willie PIO T...24.04.10
Military police dog missing at Dulles Internati...Otis Willie PIO T...22.04.10
Support Needed to Build War-Dog Monument, Find ...Otis Willie PIO T...20.04.10
Looking for alternative med forum for petsKterl email12.04.10
HELP - I think I may be delusional!!DocuMaker31.03.10
Nonprofit fosters military muttsOtis Willie PIO T...30.03.10
Westborough man chronicles lives of military dogsOtis Willie PIO T...30.03.10
Dogs take a lead role in Iraq's terror warOtis Willie PIO T...24.03.10
Anonymous donor helps homeless veteran retrieve...Otis Willie PIO T...17.03.10
Dogs Combat Bomb Threats in AfghanistanOtis Willie PIO T...17.03.10
The Animals are Talking!JBrooke16.03.10
K-9 Veterans Day MemorialOtis Willie PIO T...15.03.10
What happened to the resident troll?Ntouchet13.03.10
My dog is participating in a voting.Guido Faust11.03.10
Navy says 3 dogs died after contractor neglectOtis Willie PIO T...11.03.10
What is it? Great Dane or a bat?Guido Faust10.03.10
SemiOT---Sedating dog with human drugs?PeterL209.03.10
Why it's dumb to drive with the dogabc09.03.10
40 Reasons to Support Gun ControlPLucas07.03.10
PartOT: Poodles, parachutes and the law.PLucas.06.03.10
semiOT--- Poodle issue with plumbingPLucas105.03.10
Military dog Treo sniffs out top awardOtis Willie PIO T...04.03.10
Fulton veteran spearheads efforts to construct ...Otis Willie PIO T...03.03.10
FS: Vintage Photograph Pretty Lone BLACK SPANIE...AVP01.03.10
MPs launch operation to get 'super mutts' home ...Otis Willie PIO T...28.02.10
Kennel for military dog training goes to Richmo...Otis Willie PIO T...23.02.10
Military dogs follow their nosesOtis Willie PIO T...21.02.10
Air Force family giving former working dog 'rea...Otis Willie PIO T...21.02.10
free puppy shots anywhere?knales18.02.10
dog hair everywhere-problemDohtur27.01.10
Dog surge joins troop surge in Afghan warOtis Willie PIO T...25.01.10
Veterinary Unit Will Provide Relief to Haiti Vi...Otis Willie PIO T...24.01.10
Military K-9 retires eight-year police careerOtis Willie PIO T...24.01.10
Nonsense Creatures: The Unicorn Dog of Brusselssticky banana18.01.10
ALERT: Save Iditarod dogs from horrific cruelty...sleddogAC@aol.com17.01.10
Dog helps Iraq vet with PTSD: 'My little Marine'Otis Willie PIO T...14.01.10
"Obama" and "Bush" Chinese put these dogs on pe...Kenyan Obama11.01.10
Military working dogs get increasing role in warOtis Willie PIO T...07.01.10
Group sending care packages to military dogsOtis Willie PIO T...07.01.10
Did you know that commercial dog food is actual...Proud Owner06.01.10
The Animals are talking!FMFord05.01.10
Military dogs are becoming real work horses in ...Otis Willie PIO T...04.01.10
Q-West Military Dog Fetches NCO Corps InductionOtis Willie PIO T...19.12.09
Two-legged dog brings hope to soldiersOtis Willie PIO T...17.12.09