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Everything from harbour porpoises to blue whales.

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FS: "Whale Song" Promo Litho Sheetj. r. sinclair08.06.10
How can you feel sorry for ShamuJohn Doe05.03.10
WHALE (Not Oprah) Kills Trainer At SEA WORLD!Jennifer Fitzgerald25.02.10
Environmental group's powerboat destroyed by Ja...abc07.01.10
The Time is Right for Bob Barker to Rescue the ...kjell05.01.10
Whale Warkjell18.12.09
Whale warkjell18.12.09
Japan whale fleet leaves for Antarctic: Greenpeaceabc19.11.09
Space-age powerboat to harass Japan whalers: ac...abc15.11.09
Albums to download - spiritual songs by RAWA ar...Spirituality29.10.09
Palau appeals for new shark haven to be respectedabc30.09.09
Belugas draw the world to Quebec's north shoreabc14.09.09
An Orca named LolitaCarole13.09.09
List of threatened Arctic animals is growingabc12.09.09
The Taiji Whaling Museum and the Miami Seaquari...Carole09.09.09
An Orca Named LolitaCarole26.07.09
>>> BACKUP SOFTWARE <<< ...carraramnproctor@...21.03.09
>>> AUTO PAINTING <<< ...killwalterskm@gma...19.03.09
OPINION: US Navy to Put Endangered Whales at Ri...Otis Willie PIO T...18.03.09
The fall and rise of the Right whale- NY TimesCraig17.03.09
Scientists sedate right whale to disentable rop...Craig11.03.09
FS: 1991 Jason Denaro's "Dances With Whales" Sheetj. r. sinclair03.03.09
BC enviro groups hail new orca protection- CTV ...Craig26.02.09
Ships' orca signals blamed for scaring whalesOtis Willie PIO T...14.02.09
Hundreds of whales rescued in Phiilippines- AFP...Craig11.02.09
The Best Miniature Schnauzer Web Site!!!sysop07.02.09
Older killer whales make best mothersCraig04.02.09
Japan rejects plan to limit whaling to own wate...Craig04.02.09
Icelandic whaler would kill 10,000 a summer if ...Craig04.02.09
Japanese whalers accused of 'military-grade' we...Otis Willie PIO T...03.02.09
Anti-whalers may drop aggressive tacticsThe Dolphin Mermaid21.01.09
Sounds of bowhead whales recorded off Alaska- APRNCraig07.01.09
Right-whale breeding waters found off Nova Scot...Craig07.01.09
Beluga whales protection bolstered; Palin objec...Craig18.10.08
Mercury found in hair of people who eat whales-...Craig18.10.08
Whale songs heard for first time off New York CityCraig17.09.08
Shedd Aquarium Sends Away 7 Beluga Whales (CBS ...admin@ng2000.com08.09.08
Japan's killing of 4,000 plus whales not justif...Craig05.09.08
Japan begins coastal dolphin slaughter with 10 ...Craig02.09.08
Iceland's whale-watching boat fueled by hydroge...Craig01.09.08
Right whales seen frolicking off Australia coas...Craig01.09.08
Blue whales spotted off Catalina Channel again-...Craig10.07.08
Iceland's whale watchers at war with whale hunt...Craig10.07.08
battle to save Cambodian dolphin from extinctio...Craig09.07.08
stunning close-up of baby humpback whale- BBC newsCraig09.07.08
Japanese whalers: "give us our piked kills, or ...Craig06.07.08
Rescued orca released in NZ video- CNN asiaCraig06.07.08