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Elephant Dung Paper

Von: alan (info@southafricanbrands.com) [Profil]
Datum: 19.04.2008 08:12
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We have paintings in stock done on Elephant Dung Paper The one is of an
African herd boy. This and many others can be seen at

In Africa being a herd boy is an essential part of a young boy's education.
He is not a shepherd as he herds not only sheep but also goats and cattle.
It is his responsibility to make sure all animals are kept safe while out
grazing and to return the animals safely to the kraal (homestead) each

In Africa we have that splendid animal known to all as the elephant. From
elephant dung (pats) a process has been found to produce elephant dung
paper. This paper has a rough grain yet is smooth enough to write draw or
paint on.

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