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Syd's Sunrise / George Dance

Von: George Dance (georgedance04@yahoo.ca) [Profil]
Datum: 27.07.2009 04:06
Message-ID: <1894655e-ed74-464f-b10d-99401b947e4b@a13g2000yqc.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.arts
Syd's Sunrise

Night prowls, scratches sand, & then pads on,
the gnomes are sleeping in their gnomish homes,
when darkness is increased by 1, to 7
& from the icy waters underground

a scarlet eagle rises, showers gold
on all.  Floating down, the light resounds
blindingly  flap flicker flicker / Blam pow pow 

& all the land is lime and limpid green.
Amidst the grass, dandelions thrive.
Buttercups cup the light in the foggy dew.

Change, return, success, going & coming,
nothing can be destroyed once & for all:
Look at the sun, look at the sky, look at the river
lazily winding, finding its way to sea.

George Dance

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