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On Poet-Ape / Ben Jonson

Von: George Dance (georgedance04@yahoo.ca) [Profil]
Datum: 13.09.2009 01:22
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On Poet-Ape

Poor Poet-Ape, that would be thought our chief,
Whose works are e'en the frippery of wit,
From brokage is become so bold a thief,
As we, the robb'd, leave rage, and pity it.
At first he made low shifts, would pick and glean,
Buy the reversion of old plays, now grown
To a little wealth and credit in the scene,
He takes up all, makes each man's wit his own,
And told of this, he slights it. Tut, such crimes
The sluggish, gaping auditor devours;
He marks not whose 'twas first, and after times
May judge it to be his as well as ours.
Fool! as if half eyes will not know a fleece
From locks of wool, or shreds from the whole piece.

Ben Jonson (1616)

Jonson and Shakespeare

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