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M&V: Tragic Power - Handel's Tamerlano, reviewed by Robert Anderson

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Datum: 28.01.2010 13:37
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'The simplicity of the production is welcome ...'

'World-conquerors are an unmitigated nuisance, whether they be
Tamburlaine, Napoleon or Hitler. Even if it seems a bit unfair, in the
inevitable absence of a castrato, to cast the marauding Mongol as a
woman (here Monica Bacelli), I am all for making him a figure of fun,
adorning him in voluminous robes of white, green, mauve, and black
with towering white wig, planting what I assume is his enlarged foot
atop a gigantic globe, and giving him a first entrance enlivened by
extravagant dance steps. Little elephants parade occasionally above
the back wall, and a huge one carries the much wronged form of
Jennifer Holloway as his wife, newly arrived from India ...'

Robert Anderson's full (and illustrated) review of this Opus Arte set
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