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Vowels / Arthur Rimbaud

Von: George Dance (georgedance04@yahoo.ca) [Profil]
Datum: 10.02.2010 04:21
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Black A, white E, red I, green U, blue O: you vowels,
Some day I'll tell the tale of where your mystery lies:
Black A, a jacket sewn from hairy, shiny flies
Which buzz among harsh stinks in the abyss's bowels;

White E, the white of kings, of moon-washed fogs and tents,
of fields of shivering chervil, glaciers' gleaming tips;
Red I, the shade of spat-up blood, the curl of lips
In laughter, anger, or besotted penitence;

Green U, vibrating waves in viridescent seas
Or verdant pastures flecked with beasts -- furrows of peace
Imprinted on our brows as if by alchemies;

Blue O, great Trumpet blaring strange and piercing cries
Through Silences where Worlds and Angels pass crosswise;
Omega, O, the violet brilliance of Her Eyes!

Arthur Rimbaud
translated by George Dance

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