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M&V: Lyrita's 50 years of British Music

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Datum: 17.02.2010 00:19
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'Eight CDs of fifty individual British compositions written by fifty
individual British composers are "celebrating 50 years devoted to
British music".

The years are nineteen-sixty to two thousand and nine and the
celebrating is for Lyrita, the recording enterprise founded by Richard
Itter "at a time when the big companies were ignoring the traditional
British music in favour of the avant-garde". These days have gone,
avant-garde and all.

Lyrita's studio has always aimed at a meticulous reproduction of
orchestral sound which has become so authentic that a sense of aural
reality haunts the celebrating eight CDs and, for that matter, the
eight orchestral excerpts quoted in this review.

Gerald Finzi's 1929 Eclogue for piano and strings has a structural
surface of simplicity, but below lie indefinable feelings of loss ...'

- George Balcombe, writing in today's Music & Vision Magazine

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