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M&V: Estonia's Harpsichord Festival

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Datum: 25.05.2010 12:36
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'Music is clearly important in Estonia. It is not surprising therefore
to find that there is a particularly thriving school of harpsichord
playing and manufacture in the Baltic States, particularly in Estonia
and Finland. The Eesti Klavessiinsoprade, or the Estonian Harpsichord
Society, has held festivals every two years, each more exciting that
the previous festival. This concert series was no exception. Directed
by Imbi Tarum, and with the graceful patronage of Mari-Ann Kelam, the
concerts and workshops have been extremely successful. Like most
festivals a large team of people have done a lot of work to make the
festival the success that it was. Adequate audiences rewarded this
hard work. Most of the concerts were recorded and transmitted by
Estonian Radio.'

- Peter Howell, writing in today's Music & Vision Magazine. The full
illustrated review can be read online by signing up for a free one
month subscription.

Music & Vision is Basil Ramsey's online classical music magazine,
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