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Prosody, by Dennis M. Hammesaapc archivist07.06.10
POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY Wisconsin tires me outRick Lupert07.06.10
16 vegesChristianKnight05.06.10
I GET ALL VEGAN WHENColonel Edmund J....31.05.10
Spring Breaks in Foam / Charles G.D. RobertsGeorge Dance24.05.10
Review: "Young Romantics - The Tangled Lives of...Sam@rip.ax.lt24.05.10
WHERE HAVE ALL THE MEN GONE?Colonel Edmund J....18.05.10
A REAL POETColonel Edmund J....13.05.10
Betty's OS / George Dance (s.1)George Dance12.05.10
POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY seeking contest sponorsRick Lupert08.05.10
Veterans/Memorial Day Poem, #69: INTO THE NAMOtis Willie PIO T...06.05.10
HI, RICK!Colonel Edmund J....05.05.10
POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY are you downloading free e...Rick Lupert01.05.10
News / AE ReiffGeorge Dance29.04.10
"EAT YER GREENS," MOMMA SAIDColonel Edmund J....28.04.10
Prelude to a Quiche/draft//jkjeannekhan@aol.com27.04.10
A Meadow in Spring / Tom BishopGeorge Dance22.04.10
4 poems / Tom HendricksGeorge Dance19.04.10
The Weary Man / Crystal MatteauGeorge Dance11.04.10
POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY More ebooks, Holocaust Poe...Rick Lupert10.04.10
Prison / Dave HollowayGeorge Dance10.04.10
Hero / Maureen DanceGeorge Dance09.04.10
Who Was Here First? / David GeorgeGeorge Dance09.04.10
White Sands Meet the Blue/Green Sea / Jeanne AmesGeorge Dance07.04.10
Maui '70 / Matt E. -- Haiku & Triolet / R.S. Ma...George Dance06.04.10
I IMAGINE GEORGE DANCEColonel Edmund J....05.04.10
sonnGeorge Dance04.04.10
Call For Memorial Day PoetryOtis Willie PIO T...04.04.10
POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY ebooks, free ebooks, your ...Rick Lupert03.04.10
Coffe house poemDavid Bekkerus03.04.10
Celebrate Black History Month by advocating and...reality01.04.10
SHE'S ALARMED, LOLColonel Edmund J....18.03.10
SO, YOU'VE GOT ANAL LEAKAGE?Colonel Edmund J....18.03.10
A Vision / Duncan Campbell ScottGeorge Dance17.03.10
I HAVE A PIMPLE ON MY ASSColonel Edmund J....17.03.10
THE HOMELESS TWAT SCRIBBLED:Colonel Edmund J....17.03.10
"MY BRAIN IS FRIED," SHE SAYS.Colonel Edmund J....16.03.10
A HOMELESS TWAT WRITES:Colonel Edmund J....15.03.10
humility and heroism focused in one perfect formthevoid10.03.10
Fuji-san / George DanceGeorge Dance08.03.10
POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY online open reading tomorrowRick Lupert07.03.10
dan le sac VS scroobius pip "Thou Shalt always ...Mad as a Box of F...06.03.10
HOBO JOE REVISITED (AFTER A BATH)Colonel Edmund J....03.03.10
"Betty" Kindle edition publishedGeorge Dance03.03.10
EINSTEIN ON URANUS?Colonel Edmund J....26.02.10
Lemon lipsUndertow22.02.10
Why does George Dance use so many sockpuppets?ggamble17.02.10
"not ggamble, Best of Hammy Hog, and G&tSP" are...ggamble17.02.10