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The Evolution of the LambHis Highness the ...09.06.10
IS AN NDE PROOF OF AN AFTERLIFE?Heike Hoffmann09.06.10
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Job openings rise to highest level in 16 monthsJohn Manning08.06.10
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Suppose this plane crashesHis Highness the ...08.06.10
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Dead Heat in the Generic Congressional BallotJohn Manning08.06.10
Animal Wisdom for the WorldHis Highness the ...08.06.10
Kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems...Brian Wraith08.06.10
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Christopher Hitchens' new memoir, Hitch-22 Eric Gisin08.06.10
Pathological Liar of the Month (May 2010) First...pnyikos08.06.10
Did Jesus Of Nazareth Exist?AllSeeing-I08.06.10
Nice youtube video - suitable for kids.Richo08.06.10
Earth And MoonHVAC08.06.10
Doubt is ancient.Richo08.06.10
Smokin !HVAC08.06.10
WHY SKEPTICS CHEAT!Graham Cooper08.06.10
Does religion make people dumb, or are dumb peo...Chom Noamsky08.06.10
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2/3 of Americans want stricter enforcement of i...Carolyn 08.06.10
RedDog is a TROLL! So he has a boring and miser...RedDog08.06.10
Irreducible Complexity - proof of IDJahnu08.06.10
PT Barnum said 'Nobody ever lost a dollar by un...RedDog08.06.10
Alt.Atheism FAQ: Unlike you, *some* a.a. atheis...RedDog08.06.10
Ping christer CBRedDog08.06.10
Some Very Good News IndeedJosef Balluch08.06.10
Creationists and Intelligent Design Advocates P...Fr Perro Rojo08.06.10
Occupent: Matinence. LMAO!!!!!! :-)RedDog08.06.10
Re: Cardinal Ouellet : Equating Marriage and Ho...Darrell Stec08.06.10
OMFG! RedDog says he earns over $300k per year!...RedDog08.06.10
How can someone like a.a. atheist Sydley *possi...RedDog08.06.10
Not Just the Catholics: ISKCON school children ...Richo08.06.10
Looks like PAYlin is ass relevant as vinyl reco...Phil A. Busta08.06.10
(rev 1.2.1) Cause and Mechanism of Sleep - {FPP...Koos Nolst Trenite08.06.10
What color is God, pink?His Highness the ...08.06.10
This is one of the best AQOTM's off all time!RedDog08.06.10
Romans 1:20 "For the invisible things of him fr...Fr Perro Rojo07.06.10
Psalm 121: 1-8. 6-7-10. [5-21-11]vivapadrepio@aol.com07.06.10
Antichrist: Deficit Anxieties Start To Weigh O...vivapadrepio@aol.com07.06.10