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Latest Mis-Leading Tundra Commercial

Von: C. E. White (cewhite3remove@mindspring.com) [Profil]
Datum: 20.10.2009 04:40
Message-ID: <faednZ-raaaMvkDXnZ2dnUVZ_h-dnZ2d@earthlink.com>
Newsgroup: alt.autos.toyota.trucks alt.autos.toyota alt.autos
Has anyone notice the snap shot in the new Tundra Commercial?  In the
commercial a contractor talks about when he started out  7 years ago he
needed a dependable truck and bought a Tundra (this in itself is
misleading - I doubt if 1 in a 100 contractor considered a Tunda in 2002).
He shows a snap shot of his "first" Tundra. The snap shot is of a current
body style Tundra, not the version from 7 years ago.  Was this a deliberate
attempt to mislead people, or just another bad choice by the clueless idiots
that do Tundra commercials? I don't think any vehicle has ever been promoted
with so many obviously misleading ads. No matter how good or bad the current
Tundra may be, the ads suck.


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