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Alternator Problem

Von: jcage@lycos.com [Profil]
Datum: 13.10.2009 05:55
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I recently installed 3 autozone rebuilt alternators and 1 new
alternator after a 5 year stint of no charging system issues.  All of
these have been within the past 3 months and to begin with, I was
under the impression it may just be bum rebuilds.  Twice in the past
couple of weeks I've gone on the road for the weekend where everything
looked fine until Monday morning and then, no charge (as per my gauge
and verified by a voltmeter).  Battery started and ran the vehicle
okay (bat is one year old) but no charging system.  This vehicle is a
97 GMC suburban k1500, BTW.

This past Sunday morning, I experienced the same thing and shut the
car off.  This time, I decided to remove the negative cable for about
5 minutes and reconnected. Voila, the charging system worked.  It's as
if some sort of charge is being held (or accumulated over a few days)
or some sort of capacitive action is taking place somehow.

I decided to try the neg cable because the last time I took it to
autozone, the alternator checked out okay on their machine (but off
the vehicle).

Anyone run into a problem like this in the past?  Where a good
alternator/regulator seems to build up some sort of charge and won't
operate properly?  TIA

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