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Datum: 02.11.2009 05:33
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Cross-posted to the groups it should have been posted to in the first

You're welcome.

> Helping neighbor with 1996 Dodge Intrepid.  Car quit suddenly while on
> highway.  Obviously, it won't start.
> Replaced the following:  (Auto wrecker lets us return parts for up to 30
> days)  (We pulled the parts ourselves)
> Cam position sensor
> Crankshaft position sensor
> Coil
> Power train module computer
> Auto Shutdown Relay
> We did the above after following all the diagnostics in the Chilton's
> manual.  BTW, the wires to both sensors (cam & crankshaft) have the
> correct signal voltage (9± volts) with ignition on.  No spark coming to
> plugs.
> Any and all help diagnosing this would be greatly appreciated.
> Ivan Vegvary

There's already a thread in rec.autos. A completely dead group AFAIK but
with at least one troll.

The groups posted to seem to be chosen as near to random as one could.

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