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The ugliest car ever made?

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Datum: 12.01.2010 16:57
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(Car Lust) - Some cars are beautiful, and some ... well, not to put
too fine a point on it, some cars are not beautiful. The proportions
are off, or the detailing is overwrought, or a prominent design
element clashes with the rest of the styling, or it's bland and
boring, or something's just ... not quite right.

And then there are those select few that are total aesthetic
disasters. Not just ugly, but dog ugly. Butt ugly.
Warthog-beaten-with-an-ugly-stick ugly. Cars it hurts just to look at.

Today's subject is such a car. It was voted "the ugliest car ever
made" by the readers of CarData, Whether that's exactly right or
wrong--I can think of a few other contenders for that dubious
honor--this car is nevertheless one whose body panels insult the very
steel they were stamped out of. Continue reading only if you be men
and women of valor, for the styling of this automobile is so just
plain wrong that it would make even an Aztek owner recoil in horror...

Continued: http://xrl.us/UgliestCar

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