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Re: The ugliest car ever made?

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Datum: 14.01.2010 04:11
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On Wed, 13 Jan 2010 20:12:55 -0500, "Mike Hunter"
<Mikehunt2@lycos,com> wrote:

>That is promptly because it is not a Toyota

You misunderstood again Mike.
When he said the TL is a Doozy, he meant it was well in the running
for "Ugliest car ever built".

Beats just about any Toyota less than 15 years old. ( I mean for UGLY,
not for looks)
Some of the old Crowns and Coronas were definitely ugly, but the later
stuff is just "pedestrian".

For manufacturers,Daihatsu beat Toyota on the ugly scale, and Subaru
has definitely been pushing hard (think Tribeca and WRX) along with
Mitsubishi (the EVO frontend is just an example) but I don't think any
current manufacturer in the North American market has a firm hold on
the title, accross the board.

They've ALL designed and built and foisted on the American public some
pretty AWFULL designs - along with some real beautys.

However, beauty is DEFINITELY in the eye of the beholder, and what You
may think is beautiful I may think is horrendous, and Vise Versa.
>"tww1491" <twaugh5@cox.net> wrote in message
>> "Mike Hunter" <Mikehunt2@lycos,com> wrote in message
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>>> They should do a survey of the Ugliest car manufacturer, Toyota would
>>> will hands down    LOL
>> I don't know -- the Acura TL is a doozy.
>>> "chronicle" <rca976@live.com> wrote in message
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>>> On Jan 12, 7:57 am, Dur <Use-Author-Supplied-Address-Header@[127.1]>
>>> wrote:
>>>> (Car Lust) - Some cars are beautiful, and some ... well, not to put
>>>> too fine a point on it, some cars are not beautiful. The proportions
>>>> are off, or the detailing is overwrought, or a prominent design
>>>> element clashes with the rest of the styling, or it's bland and
>>>> boring, or something's just ... not quite right.
>>>> And then there are those select few that are total aesthetic
>>>> disasters. Not just ugly, but dog ugly. Butt ugly.
>>>> Warthog-beaten-with-an-ugly-stick ugly. Cars it hurts just to look at.
>>>> Today's subject is such a car. It was voted "the ugliest car ever
>>>> made" by the readers of CarData, Whether that's exactly right or
>>>> wrong--I can think of a few other contenders for that dubious
>>>> honor--this car is nevertheless one whose body panels insult the very
>>>> steel they were stamped out of. Continue reading only if you be men
>>>> and women of valor, for the styling of this automobile is so just
>>>> plain wrong that it would make even an Aztek owner recoil in horror...
>>>> Continued: http://xrl.us/UgliestCar
>>> Nothing was uglier than the Aztek.

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