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Diagnostic hardware *New offer*

Von: adsoft2@gmail.com [Profil]
Datum: 07.11.2008 09:41
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===============Newest offer!!=====
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------===== NEW OFFER!!! HARDWARES!!! ======-------

For now from our Company you can buy following hardwares:

KTS 520 - supported program EsiTronic
KTS 540 - supported program EsiTronic

USB Link - supported programs:
Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link
CAT Electronic Technician
Cummins Insite
Hino eXplorer
International MD
V-MAC Service Tools
VCAD Elite Mack/Volvo
Allison DOC (1939–1k/2k)
Allison DOC (J1850–1k/2k)
Allison DOC (1708–WTEC)
Eaton ServiceRanger
Bendix Acom
WABCO Toolbox
Freightliner ServiceLink
International ABS
International DLB
International Intune
International IPC v2.02

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