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Great autos of...Eqypt?!

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Datum: 02.06.2010 17:23
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(Car Lust) - to those of us who have attempted to carry out
fieldwork in Egypt, cars are a necessary part of the equation of
doing business, both from a productivity standpoint and also from a
self-preservation aspect. You see, the thing that strikes fear into
most Egyptologists/archaeologists is not curses, Nazis, Soviets,
dormant fungi, or even the odd terrorist or two; it is traffic.
There are few things more frightening to the Egypt newbie than the
prospect of crossing a busy Cairo street. Even when one is riding
inside the cars, fear is ever-present, albeit suppressed after a
time. Lack of seat belts, "rules of the road" that are treated more
as mere suggestions, and generally pretty ancient vehicles bereft
of modern passive safety equipment make even a ride to the grocery
store a bit of an adventure...

Continued: http://xrl.us/CarsEgypt

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