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1999 RX-300 Antenna MastAbid Khan07.06.10
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My 2010 RX 350 loanerJ Golden27.05.10
Toyota halts sale of Lexus LS sedansjohn27.05.10
Toyota shares drift lower as death toll mountsjohn27.05.10
Preforated leather? Or no?Keith T.26.05.10
350RX is now a "Soccermommobile"Blash25.05.10
Toyota hid Lexus Lurching Transmission Hardware...john23.05.10
Recall Alert: 3,800 2009-10 Lexus Vehiclessjmmail2000-247@y...23.05.10
Looking to buy questionJim Sabatke23.05.10
New GM car runs on waterWayne22.05.10
Toyota misled public about probes, Democrats ch...john22.05.10
Toyota recalls 3,800 Lexus LS sedans for steeri...john22.05.10
Toyota prepares to recall 11,500 Lexus cars glo...C. E. White20.05.10
The useless RX-350 cup holderWayne19.05.10
Interactive Film Puts Viewers Inside Lexus Hybridsjmmail2000-247@y...16.05.10
Smog test: Vehicle failed the MIL/Check Engine ...condor_222@yahoo.com15.05.10
OEM Lexus Parts Catalogs for SaleJoe09.05.10
CR Lifts Fatwa Against Lexus GX460sjmmail2000-247@y...09.05.10
Lexus HS Under Performing Sales Targetjohn04.05.10
Spy Shots: Hybrid Lexus LFA in the works?sjmmail2000-247@y...02.05.10
Marilyn Monroe: This timeless legend is still o...boyari230.04.10
Toyota to recall 50,000 2003 Sequoia SUVsjohn29.04.10
Last year RX was made with a tape deckJ Golden29.04.10
john - you are slipping. No negative post abou...Heywood Jablowme29.04.10
Video: Toyota showcases stability fix for 2010 ...sjmmail2000-247@y...25.04.10
Americans show preference for U.S.-made cars, p...john23.04.10
Finally, a Fully Respectable High-Volume 4-Cyl....john23.04.10
Take a look at all of john's posts. Each one i...Bill Yanaire20.04.10
Toyota's troublesanonymous20.04.10
Another Toyota Recall: 9,400 Lexus GX460s for R...john20.04.10
Report: Toyota confirms Lexus GX handling issue...sjmmail2000-247@y...18.04.10
NHTSA chief says Toyota was 'not truthful'john17.04.10
Toyota Doesn't Know How to Fix GX460's Stabilit...john17.04.10
Toyota to recall 600,000 Sienna minivansjohn17.04.10
Toyota Considering Total Recall of 2010 Lexus G...john15.04.10
Switching from Recycled to Finished Productnmr61714.04.10
Switching from Recycled to Finished Productnmr61714.04.10
Roll Over Risk: Consumer Reports warns against ...john14.04.10
Toyota's routine questionable, evasive and dece...john13.04.10
these car pictures for youebraheeem11.04.10
Aftermarket backup cameraRay07.04.10