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Opinons wanted...Studebaker George09.06.10
International meet/stole 36 parts off carRed2ubabe06.06.10
Stude content!Dan Kay06.06.10
More help needed: headlight buckets fasteners, ...FortyTwo02.06.10
HELP NEEDED, installing windsheild and back win...FortyTwo02.06.10
UNDEAD PLEASE SIGN INjimmijim02.06.10
Memorial day 2010 THANK YOU VETERANSjimmijim31.05.10
Speakin of the dead!jimmijim31.05.10
Old School 50-60's mud flapsjimmijim25.05.10
(OT) Deal on a Hughesnet Satellite ISP SetupDeepnhock12.05.10
champ seatLeRoy11.05.10
Wrenching on the 61Dan Kay08.05.10
Youtube videos on Studebaker's and how they wer...Lansing03.05.10
One last timeStudebaker George02.05.10
Twin TracPadhammer29.04.10
Lawn Mower LawsuitDeepnhock24.04.10
testSid Monroe24.04.10
Cox dropping Usenet...bobj20.04.10
Anyone near Jacksonville NC?Studebaker George16.04.10
"Doing The Right Thing'...Stude StyleDeepnhock12.04.10
Charlotte AutoFest - SundayDeepnhock12.04.10
Charlotte AutoFair - SaturdayDeepnhock11.04.10
No, No Not Me! Not a schill!jimmijim11.04.10
As a Service Provided To This Forum re: Shill B...Deepnhock11.04.10
Welcome Schill Bidder{clarification may be needed}jimmijim10.04.10
Welcome Schill Bidder{clarification may be needed}jimmijim10.04.10
Thanks Jeffy...Studebaker George10.04.10
Need help to look at CAR in St Paul, MNEd Wenger08.04.10
Lots and Lots of Studebaker Parts...Padhammer07.04.10
wheel interchangeScott06.04.10
Something For Mom....Deepnhock03.04.10
Charlotte AutoFair 2010 ....This Coming Weekend...Deepnhock02.04.10
Forum USTA, COULD, SHOULD. BEjimmijim02.04.10
When Insults Had Some Class.....Deepnhock02.04.10
Best Threads Award!Deepnhock01.04.10
53 coupe door glass and channelsScott01.04.10
president manuals and others29pres801.04.10
Part numbers?Studebaker George01.04.10
Junk for sale on e-bayjimmijim31.03.10
alt.autos.studebaker 'Unofficial' Pool Question...Deepnhock28.03.10
Manuals for sale 1947 to 1950 plus engines29pres827.03.10
Register to win a FREE------ 'Box of STUDEBAKER...jim kranak27.03.10
GT Hawk speedoStudebaker George25.03.10
pot stirrnin' on a rainy SundaySo. Ga. Cruiser21.03.10
Steering box dilemna revisitedjimmijim21.03.10
Lark trailer hitch8Njim21.03.10
Learning curveStudebaker George20.03.10
Official notice again.Studebaker George20.03.10