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Anticipating trouble...'88 Supra BHGHachiroku ????08.06.10
FWD Fuse...?Hachiroku ????08.06.10
FWD Fuse...?Hachiroku ????08.06.10
And now, a word about head gaskets...Hachiroku ????07.06.10
"hoot" sound from engine compartment-- a/c ?Todd H.07.06.10
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ON Topic: 88 Supra overheating...Hachiroku ????03.06.10
Dealer scratched brand new caryngver02.06.10
Sube badge of ownership - legit?Duh OZ01.06.10
repair shop in northern njJeff01.06.10
1996 OBceldt celdt01.06.10
Clarion CD player in Legacy/Liberty, fit iPod s...Clifford Heath31.05.10
Did ya hear about the big storm in Franklin Cou...Hachiroku ????29.05.10
Time for new suspension...Hachiroku ????26.05.10
98 Forester questionsStewart DIBBS16.05.10
2010 Subaru remote starterJim14.05.10
03 Outback e-brake1 Lucky Texan11.05.10
Subaru Legacy named Japan's Safest Carsjmmail2000-247@y...09.05.10
Bluetooth and Verizon WirelessJim07.05.10
Trailer HitchMike04.05.10
a few more timing belt tipsweelliott03.05.10
Car Getting Horny....Dano5803.05.10
Wiring diagram for Legacy 94 ?Adam Szewczak03.05.10
oil in spark plug holesChicobiker03.05.10
Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Subaru Imprezasjmmail2000-247@y...02.05.10
fuel system failurefindlay01.05.10
Gonna miss my '89 Coupe...Hachiroku ????11.04.10
'07 OBS Thingie on the windshield?David R.Birch11.04.10
ATF and fuel filter change 15,000 miles?Frank10.04.10
How to Change Radio in 94 Sub. Legacyvolleybiggs07.04.10
Bouncing over bumps - suspension?StefForester07.04.10
2002 Forester cooling system woesCixcos05.04.10
3.6 EngineJim02.04.10
Why do people buy a 2010 STi instead of a 2004 ...Sal31.03.10
Can anyone reccommend a GPS?4orrester26.03.10
PCV valve - 2001 Forester w/ 117k milesWade19.03.10
Report: Subaru version of FT-86 may feature RWD...sjmmail2000-247@y...14.03.10
2 flats in a week, sidewall damage, huh?runcyclexcski11.03.10
car seat cushion sucess story on 06 imprezajoe10.03.10
Oh rat(s)Duh OZ09.03.10
Adjusting parking brake for impreza wrx?james09.03.10
Considering a new Forester or Outback or Honda ...Wade08.03.10
Report: 2012 Subaru Impreza lineup may include ...sjmmail2000-247@y...07.03.10
transmission and differential oil change for ma...joe07.03.10
cleaning wrx a/c coil?james28.02.10
Has anyone driven the small Subaru r2?Alexx16.02.10
New Acer Ferrari Browserjenneylist16.02.10
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how to find oil filter part#?james11.02.10