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Datum: 14.02.2010 01:29
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T H E   K O F O   B B S
The KOFO Bulletin Service is a 2 BBS system by 2 programs of MBSEBBS.
We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 2 nodes BBS.
We carrying several nets and web domain with tons of files and messages.

Web: http://www.kofobbs.dk            Telnet: telnet://binkp.kofobbs.dk
http://www.kofobbs.dk/advnet/            telnet://fido1.kofobbs.net
http://www.kofobbs.dk/adventurenet/      telnet://fido2.kofobbs.dk
http://www.pascalnet.org                 telnet://fido2.kofobbs.net
http://www.justaxnet.com            Ftp: ftp://ftp.kofobbs.dk
http://www.rmini.org                     ftp://ftp.rmini.org
http://www.rmininet.org                  ftp://ftp.rmininet.org
http://www.sysoptech.net                 + Other web names.

We are too support for NNTP and QWK for registered users.
We are Member og several Nets as: FidoNet, FmlyNet (FamilyNet), Virnet,
Zyxelnet, AdventureNet, Zenet, LinuxNet, Sysops TechNet, Pascal-Net,
JustaXnet, MicroNet, RMiniNet, League-10.
Node Aka's: 2:236/150, 2:236/152, 8:7606/150, 9:451/150, 16:45/150, 33:2100/1
33:2100/3, 92:453/100, 110:300/1, 111:7045/150, 115:4501/1,
510:5124/0, 510:653/1, 510:653/13, 618:500/12, 618:500/13,
900:104/3146, 900:104/3147, 10:10/129
And many other numbers for each nets.
We are: Region Coordinator (RC) in Fmlynet, Virnet, Zyxelnet, Advnet, Zenet,
Linuxnet, Sysop's TechNet (STN), Pascal-Net, Justaxnet, RMiniNet.
IC and cheif for: AdventureNet, LinuxNet, STN, Pascal-Net, JustaXnet and

JustaXnet has too started a League 510 with several Games online,
Download or FileRequest the Information Pack JustaXnet for more.

We have over 60.000 files and have had over 800GB files for downlod by web.
Some of our old files was from a old Network named GamesNet and other kind of
Like to join some of my nets I am running then ask for the info files, you can
download the infopacks from the web or FileRequest as for their filemanes.

The System for fidonet and BBS + web is a Linux Gentoo system on its on
domain for 6 computers.


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* Origin: The KofoBBS on http://www.kofobbs.dk (8:7606/150)

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