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Datum: 10.03.2010 07:18
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The public bulletin board system is running on a 2.8 Ghz AMD Processor
and is using Microsoft Windows Vista with 4GB of Memory.

We currenly have 5GB of disk space available, over 2,000 conferences,
100,000 messages and over 40,000 files in our download area.

By the end of this year I will be adding a three 2TB drives to the

Operating systems supported

Windows    Linux    Freebsd    Unix
OS2    Macintosh    Amiga
OpenBSD    Citrix

Fidonet and Filegate feeds available - Binkp

telnet bbs.cyberchatnet.com | binkp bbs.cyberchatnet.com
Fidonet: 1:109/201   | FamilyNet: 8:8/703    | Ilink: 454:1/202

104,000 available Internet Newsgroups on our gateway

bbs.cyberchatnet.com is the best public bulletin
board system. We have over 1,000 conferences,
40,000files available for download, Fidonet,
FamilyNet, ILink and the internet newsgroups.
Telnet to bbs.cyberchatnet.com 23

All issues regarding abuse or spam comming from this address
shall be reported to our abuse department by sending
a email to abuse[at]taylorassociate[dot]com. Please include
the all the headers of the email with your report.

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