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Re: Telnet client for osx

Von: Kevin (kevin@mmn.on.ca) [Profil]
Datum: 02.04.2010 20:11
Message-ID: <1270231890.154.1269310221@mmn.on.ca>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs
On 3/22/2010 8:55 PM, Phillip.Taylor@familynet-international.net wrote to All:

-> -> I think you should switch to synchro.net
-> That will never happen, so stop trying to convince me.

I'll hazard a guess who did that (it seems that I didn't pull the original
message off the USENET server).  I know there are Synchro.net fans out
there, but we have made our choices in BBS software so leave it be.  We'll
operate our own systems with whatever we choose.

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