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Von: jrh (jrhjrhjrh@gmail.com) [Profil]
Datum: 03.05.2010 22:57
Message-ID: <f8a741f6-1998-42fa-82fe-1fd2d07ff0db@24g2000yqy.googlegroups.com>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs.sysop alt.bbs alt.bbs.synchronet

I am thinking about why I think humans are not an economic but rather
a network species. We are not Homo economicus but Homo neticus.

One example that has given me this thought is that sysops for the most
part set up BBSs for non economic reasons. My observation since the
mid 1980s is that the original and current motivation of  sysops is to
do something for the users. The sysops put up interesting files for
the users out of a sense of community and sharing. And that sense is
some how the real essence of our species. I think most humans are
motivated by a need and value of contributing to making things better
for other people when it is possible to do that. So being a sysop was
one way of being a fuller human.

i wonder if anyone's would comment on this and share examples of what
motivated you to be a sysop or to use a BBS.


Jay (jrh@ais.org)
PS: My son Michael was Wiz Kid and Sentinel on FIDO and other BBSs in
the Detroit Michigan in the 1980s.

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