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Digital Distortion BBS

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Datum: 28.05.2010 09:30
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D I G I T A L    D I S T O R T I O N

Located in Aloha, Oregon, USA
Telnet & web: digdist.bbsindex.com
Running a customized Synchronet setup

Door games:                   Message networks:          File reas:
Barren Realms Elite           DeveloperNet (hub)         BBS-related
Legend of the Red Dragon      MusicalNet (hub)           Windows
Legend of the Red Dragon 2    DOVE-NET                   DOS
Planets: TEOS                 ASTRO-NET                  Macintosh
TradeWars 2002                SciNet                     Emulation
Arrowbridge 1 & 2             League 10  [10:10/124]     ..and more
Land of Devastation           Paranormal Net
New York 2008                 Usenet Newsgroups
Operation: Overkill II
Tournament Trivia
Chain Reaction
Lost In Space
New York 2008
..and more

Networked door games:
Legend of the Red Dragon (League 10)
Barren Realms Elite (League 10)

Digital Distortion is the home of DeveloperNet and MusicalNet; these
are QWK-based message networks focusing on software development and
music topics, respectively.  If you are a sysop and are interested in
setting up your BBS with these networks, informational packets are
available at the following URLs:
--- Synchronet 3.15a-Win32 NewsLink 1.92
*  Digital Distortion - Aloha, Oregon, USA - telnet://digdist.bbsindex.com

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