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(bbsnews.org)Posting 03-28-2010(bbsnews.org)@exa...28.03.10
(bbsnews.org)Posting 03-07-2010(bbsnews.org)@exa...07.03.10
(BBSLIST.DARKTECH.ORG)Posting 03-07-2010(BBSLIST.DARKTECH...07.03.10
(BBSADVERT)Posting 03-07-2010(eob-bbs.com)@exa...07.03.10
Albums to download - spiritual songs by RAWA ar...Spirituality10.11.09
bbs software 4 salejock lewis06.11.09
(bbsnews.org)Posting 10-26-2009(bbsnews.org)@exa...27.10.09
THe GaRBaGe DuMP BBS is back!stomper09.03.09
TLS ONLINE - 256 LINES - Multiplayer Games and ...Chris25.08.08
wg/mbbs filesJake04.07.08
Passwords for duelboard [1/1] - "passwords for...Matlu07.06.08
Passwords for duelboard [0/1] - Post Descriptio...Matlu07.06.08
Nostalgia BBS Informationyoman04.10.07
Tele-Arena user data file, btrieve?Nathan20.08.07
major tradingsooths4yer@gmail.com15.08.07
TW2002 External applications not working after ...Nathan08.07.07
Nice MajorBBS package uploaded to thepiratebay.Toby07.07.07
CNF Option 2 error "CAN'T BUILD TREE!" WG 2.0Nathan19.06.07
Liberty BBS(O)enone16.05.07
Query for Magic information/walkthrough?(O)enone16.05.07
Testing Infinity Complex !!!!!3x3eyes@gmail.com08.05.07
Come Play Galactiwars - Reset Today!!!!3x3eyes@gmail.com05.05.07
Windstream DSL Service Sucks3x3eyes@gmail.com04.05.07
Nostalgia BBS - Testing New DMA Server / Games ...3x3eyes@gmail.com28.04.07
Nostalgia BBS - The Grand Reveal!!!3x3eyes@gmail.com21.04.07
Worldgroup 2.0 and Windows 2000Nathan09.04.07
WG2.0, in a VM. Running out of interrupt stacks?Nathan07.04.07
Worldgroup 2.0 Memory Limit?Nathan06.04.07
Nostalgia BBS - important decisions3x3eyes@gmail.com13.01.07
Dear users of the bbs community.. GALACTIC EMPIREmanofearth11.01.07
Lost Gonzo BBS is backup Free/Public MajorMUDmr. brad06.01.07
lost-gonzo.com backup (kinda) doors/majormud etcmr. brad04.01.07
MBBS Developer Groupefgosser30.12.06
majormud folks....are they toast? been a month ...mr. brad22.12.06
Wg2.0, Vircomm TCP/ip, FTP server?Nathan21.12.06
Telnet and IE7Al Lawrence19.12.06
TA EditNathan12.12.06
vircom tcp/ip setup with dos driver for etherne...mr. brad09.12.06
Re: mbbs and vscan?Brian08.12.06
mbbs and vscan?mr. brad26.11.06
wg3.20/synchro/tw2002 one server?mr. brad12.11.06
Wanted Non-Demo MajorBBS 6.25Char2708.11.06
server for sysopsJon Spatz31.10.06
serversJon Spatz25.10.06
Impeach Bush, Stop The Fraud War! B08VTheTruth@guardian...14.10.06
WorldGroup DEMO AvailableJon Spatz13.10.06
HAckerz Domain UPLuke13.10.06