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Re: I have it running how

Von: Joe Delahaye (joe.delahaye@1) [Profil]
Datum: 16.02.2010 03:29
Message-ID: <4B7A08F1.55979.sync@vert.synchro.net>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet
To: Carol Shenkenberger
Re: Re: I have it running how
By: Carol Shenkenberger to Joe Delahaye on Mon Feb 15 2010 15:10:00

>  > Authorized support even <G>.  I dont think you ran PCBoard ever did
> Nope!  I was TG and FD when we met.  Stayed that way until shifting to
> SBBS/Argus.

Thought so.  I was barely out of the airforce when I got my node number <G>.

>  >  > scanning about to see if he posted anything here too.  He's running
>  >  > SBBS might have.  Probably using handle Danilo here.
>  >
>  >
>  > Think I saw that name flash by here Carol
> Yeah, he's here but away just now.  Long weekend with others i gather
> (grin).
> He's in no grande rush and wants to do it right.  All's set for him.
>           xxcarol

Long weekend here as well.  Family Day, is what they call it. and only here in
Sunny Ontario <G>
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