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Configuration issues

Von: Musicman (musicman@vert.synchro.net.remove-v7m-this) [Profil]
Datum: 08.03.2010 21:38
Message-ID: <4B956056.56122.sync@vert.synchro.net>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet
I am new to synchronet, so I may be asking questions that are simple to most
of you. Here are my questions.

1) Is there some way to do a search on a board for messages containing a
2) I can access my bbs with a web browser, but not with a news reader. It
keeps asking for authentication and I don't ever see a place to enter a
password. How do I do this?

3) Is there a logout option. It seems that if multiple users are accessing the
system from the same web browser, it automatically is coming up logged in as
the last user and I can't find any obvious way to get to a point where I can
enter the new login name and password.

4) Can you set up sub-boards under sub-boards. Eg., under Main, I set up
Politics. Is there a way to set up boards such as Health Care, Elections,
Congress, etc. under the Politics board?

Solving these issues should take me a long way toward a viable bbs system.
Thanks for your help.
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