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Zmodem download failures

Von: Nightfox (nightfox@digdist.remove-b47-this) [Profil]
Datum: 01.03.2010 00:57
Message-ID: <4B8B02FA.15865.sync@digdist.bbsindex.com>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet
Hi all -

Today I noticed that my BBS is experiencing some download failures.  One of my
users pointed it out to me, and I am also unable to download from my own BBS
using telnet.  I'm using SyncTerm, and using Zmodem, SyncTerm gives me the
following errors:
Warning: recv_header_raw: Expected ZDLE, received: 27 (1Bh)
Warning: recv_header TIMEOUT

On the Synchronet side, it says I "attempted to download" the file.  The file
was not downloaded.

I updated my Synchronet binaries today (2/28/2010).  I noticed that some source
files related to zmodem and sexyz have changed recently; might that have
something to do with these errors?


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