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warzone - time warp

Von: Robert E Starr JR (robert.e.starr.jr@1) [Profil]
Datum: 02.04.2010 23:47
Message-ID: <4BB66853.56510.sync@vert.synchro.net>
Newsgroup: alt.bbs.synchronet
To: Rassilon
In a reply from Rassilon  on 14:47 about warzone - time warp

R>  > R>  > I am NOT down, I know that friday (3/26/10) I was down for a few
R>  > R>  > hrs. had dsl \ phone problems

R>  > R> Jeez.  Sorry...
R>  > ok

R>  > R> I was just trying to create a QWK mail account so I could
R>  > R> network ya.

R>  > ok, I should be done with phone \ dsl problems foe a bit :)

R> Not trying to be a dic*head, but I tried again today & got no connection.

hmmm, I only been down for maybe 15 mins (did a ie8 update, that I had to
reboot, did it twice)

try a ipconfig /flushdns in your msdos, if that doesn't work, current ip number


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